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In the Chat Weighs in on Big Data, Social Media and Human Interpretation

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May 12, 2014 1:28:00 PM



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In a recent article published by Business News Daily, Nicole Fallon explores Big Data and explains why human interpretation is still neccessary. When asked for his thoughts on the topic, our CEO, John Huehn identified new technologies that are emerging which are allowing for human analysis to be re-focused where it is truly necessary.

Many of these new technolgies are used by our data scientists at In the Chat so that our social media sales and servicing solutions are best in class when it comes to cutting through the noise and delivering actionable opportunities to our clients.

In the article, Huehn is quoted saying, "Humans will always need to play a role in analyzing data, but using solutions like text-mining algorithms and Natural Language Processing minimizes the need for humans to categorize data, enabling them to spend time on the more important component, which is analyzing the data and identifying trends. Technology does the tedious work of pulling the data apart and categorizing it, so humans can spend time truly deriving insights and taking action."

Because there's so much potential customer information to process, businesses need to focus on the most important pieces of data. Many marketing experts recommend honing in on social media, and monitoring real-time conversations among target consumers.

"With social media monitoring, you're getting real-time, verbatim, unbiased insight into what consumers are saying about your brand and your competitors," Huehn said. "You can use this to drive decisions in your business. By monitoring conversations, you can understand what's top of mind for your customers and use this quantified, qualified data to take actions within your organization." (Business News Daily).

For more information on In the Chat's solutions and the strategic approach we're taking with Big Data to help brands build strong social media sales and customer service programs Contact us for a complimentary demo and discussion

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